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Open Farm Day This Sunday

Posted on by Tim Livingstone

We are hosting an Open Farm day at our farm this Sunday along with other farms around the province.  It will be from noon to 4:00 September 20.  The primary attraction will be the new warehouse and ability to see a variety of livestock on pasture.  There are some vegetables nearby too and we are going to try to offer a short hay ride as well.

Here is a photo of our packing team.  Kirsten is QC (quality control) and Whelan is our senior farm hand.  Together they make sure all the boxes get the right things and that the quality is top notch.  After working under a tarp and then out of a woodshed, we really appreciate having such a nice place to work in.



It is a challenge to get it all in one picture but I tried to give you a perspective of how we pack your boxes.  325 boxes every week is a lot of boxes but with a good crew it goes quickly and efficiently.  The boxes get loaded into the waiting bus at the end of the line.


We are preparing to plant our last cover crops for the season.  I was at a farm tour in Jemseg on the weekend and saw a new cover crop idea we'd like to try. Cover crops are crops we seed in a field solely for the value and improvement they bring to the soil.  These crops are not harvested for sale. Cover cropping is one of the many ways organic farmers improve their soils and manage their weeds without the use of toxic chemicals or fertilizers.

Finally, here is a .picture of our new Strawberries planted late August. Every year we learn more in our journey to grow good organic strawberries and I'm excited to see how these plants do.  They are under a heat promoting white row cover which should help them develop thick crowns and set good fruit buds for next spring.

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