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Open Farm Day This Weekend! Come and See.

Posted on by Tim Livingstone

We are busy getting things as ready as possible for our Open Farm Day.  This is our first time doing it so we are little unsure what to expect but the Bugle (local Woodstock newspaper) did a feature article on the farm (Bruce and I were on the front cover of last Monday's paper) and they mentioned our being open for Open Farm Day so we are expecting to be busy.  We are planning to give farm tours and with hay rides.  Although it is only our first year and there is still lots to be done, it is a beautiful spot and we have a lot of interesting things going on....

I shared a photo last week of our Buckwheat cover crop.  Just checked it again tonight and what a difference!  Plants are already 6-8" tall.  The stand looks good and very uniform which is another good sign.  Another reason why I like cover crops is that they give a visible picture of the soil condition and fertility.  You can do soil testing and all, but there is nothing quite like seeing how a crop grows to assess the fertility.

We need 500 more hay bales for our cows this winter.  This week looks like it will be fair weather so we are planning to do our last hay cutting and baling.  I wish it did not fall on this week, but we might not get another chance - this is the nature of farming.

The cool weather is slowing some crops down, but we also have others that are coming in well.  You can look forward to squash and sweet potatoes coming soon!

The chickens are doing well again and production is up quite well now that we have lights running to extend the day length in their house.  Production is not quite as high as it was a few weeks ago, but it looks like it is up enough to cover our weekly orders.  

We've been working to get another batch of hen chicks started hoping to start this week but the hatchery told us today that not enough hatched, so we will have to wait until October 2.  We are really hoping enough will hatch then!

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