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Our fourth Delivery week!

Posted on by Tim Livingstone

We are already entering our fourth box delivery week.  The garden continues to grow well over all and the livestock are doing well too.  

Our first cantaloupe are growing quickly as you can see in the photo to the right.  








Potatoes and Carrots are about a week from being ready and we are able to send our first small green onions this week.  Cucumbers are starting in along with summer squash.  I've included more about the summer squash in our box information.



Here is a yummy meal we cooked up on the grill where all the vegetables are from the farm.  First the grill and then the plate....












The chickens are just barely laying enough eggs for our pre-sold shares.  Hopefully their production will go up again soon so we can have more extras to sell on the bus and at our roadside stand.



We moved the cows up to the top pasture.  Sometimes I envy them a bit when I see all the work we go through to keep them happy and safe while they just lie around and eat all day long.  Then I think about the fact that we are free and I realize that there is a real cost to being free.  We as people prefer freedom but I think the cows are content with their lot in life - I sure hope so after all we do for them.....




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