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Planting Garlic

Posted on by Tim Livingstone

It is time to plant fall garlic again!  We have some really nice garlic to plant this fall.  There is a local garlic expert who is working in Alberta but who had a good harvest this summer.  We have planted almost 100 pounds of his garlic (some of the nicest I've ever seen) for him plus we sourced garlic from Richard Wetmore - another local garlic expert and we saved our best seed as well.

It is always an experience to get out the tractor and make beds in October to plant garlic. There is a mixture of wonder that you are still planting mixed with a satisfaction that it is the last for the season and optimism looking ahead to next summer's great crop!  People going by to vote on Monday (polling station is in the distance) probably thought we were a bit crazy to be planting this late.  Garlic forms its roots in the fall and then is one of the first things up in the spring and grows its new bulb next year.

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