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Planting and Seeding!

Posted on by Tim Livingstone

We have been blessed with good weather last week then some rain to water in crops and more good weather this week.  We are probably about 1 week behind average but still a week ahead of last year at this time.  Many parts of the Maritimes are considerably farther behind due to all the snow they received.  A farming family visited from Amherst, NS a couple days ago and estimated we are about 2 weeks ahead of where they are - very unusual indeed.



Young broccoli and cauliflower transplants freshly planted.  





We are also doing trials with different types of mulches and different colors.  The biodegradable mulches may not be allowed for organic growing in the future so we need to work on alternatives.

I mentioned in a January blog post that we were looking into getting some extra farm help this year.  We were able to get 3 Jamaican workers to help supplement our Canadian crew this summer.  It is considerably more expensive to hire them than to hire Canadians, but they live here in a home by the farm and are available whenever we need them.  They also are used to working in the hot sun so we hope they will help provide stability and help us get the work done on time.  They are doing well but I think the cold mornings have been quite a culture shock for them.


Sign ups are going very well this year and if they continue at the current rate our maximum number of boxes will be filled before the season starts for the first time since buying the farm!  This is very helpful for cash flow and planning purposes.


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