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Planting coming along well

Posted on by Tim Livingstone

Last week was a very busy week planting and preparing the soil for seeding.  We were grateful for the good dry weather.  This rain has stopped ground work, but the transplants have appreciated the water and are looking good.  

This picture shows our first lettuce planting which planted on biodegradable mulch film.  The film warms the soil, keeps the dirt off the lettuce plants, keeps weeds down, and will decompose into the ground when the harvest is over.  

The crew spent much of the week planting around 60,000 onions, shallots, and leeks.  By the end they were seeing onions in their sleep....

We are using the rainy weather to prepare and plant the cherry tomato houses, cut seed potatoes, and finish up some projects such as the building of our mobile chicken coops.

The newly cleaned out section of the cattle barn makes a great dry workspace for building.  We are eager to get them finished and the chickens can't wait to get out to the pasture.


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