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Preparing for the last box for 2012

Posted on by Tim Livingstone

This week is the last delivery week before Christmas.  We have had a nice fall with good weather for getting things done.  Even though we have gotten a lot done, there always seems to be a long list of things to do.  As a perennial optimist, I keep thinking we'll get on top of things but the end still seems far away.  The good news is that much of what is left to do is not critical to survival.  

The one thing we have learned is that we should put a lot more effort into getting winter greens seeded earlier next year since we have a few weeks where we do not have enough greens for our customers.  Each day later in the fall is the equivalent of up to a week in the winter, so seeding greens early enough in the fall is critical in order to maintain a constant supply.   I'm hopeful that we will have greens again later on.

We saved hay that had been rained on to be used for mulch this fall and next spring.  We took some of the bales and put them around the chicken house and covered it with a tarp to give the chickens warm comfortable quarters for winter.  This picture show their winter palace along with their outdoor run so they can still enjoy the outside even during the winter time.


Kirsten has been using winter vegetables in cooking and we have all been enjoying the benefits!  Here she is chopping cabbage to make cabbage fritters.  We are hoping to make a recipe section on our website during the slower months to give us one less thing to do in the busy season.


If you are a customer reading this, remember that this next box needs to last three weeks. Our next delivery will be the first week of January.  Feel free to order more veggies from our Add-On list online to be sure you have enough to get you through the Holidays.

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