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Preparing for winter greens

Posted on by Tim Livingstone

The Pepper tunnel worked really well but now the cold weather has stopped their growth so we moved the tunnel over winter greens covering it with plastic this time.  We also put up another tunnel that will have some ability to withstand snow.  

Both these tunnels were installed over beds that were seeded already so we hope they will speed up the growth of the greens and allow harvest up until the end of December.



Elton is getting the plastic ready to put over the top.




Here are photos of the finished tunnels, both inside and outside.  It is amazing to feel the difference that one of these tunnels makes on the temperature and growth of the plants.



For a relatively low cost these tunnels will extend our winter lettuce mix harvest by a couple of months at least.  The tunnels can then be moved in the spring to allow early season extension as well.


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