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Remember to sign up for winter boxes!

Posted on by Tim Livingstone

There are only three more weeks left of our summer/fall season including this week.  If you would like to continue to get boxes this winter you will need to go to the Sign Up tab of our website and choose the options you want from there.

There is a change of pick up location for the Florenceville/Centreville area.  We will be delivering salad bar items to the Centreville Community School on a weekly basis so the principal offered that the school could also host a pick up location for boxes.

We are not sure if we will be doing a Nackawic drop.  We need at least 10 customers in order to do it or else need to charge a delivery fee.  Pass the word around and let us know if you are interested in picking up in Nackawic.

Our Strawberry plants for next year are growing well.  I was concerned that we planted them so late, but the mild fall has been great and the plants have sized up well.  I can't quite decide whether to get rid of the weeds in the aisles or not.  I can cultivate them out but then the soft soil will erode.  If I leave them there they may grow again in the spring and need to be mowed down.  The plastic is doing its job of keeping the weeds away from the plants so they are  growing well regardless.

We had our organic inspection last week.  Few people realize what we go through to be able to offer certified organic products.  Not only is there substantial cost but we also have a lot of paperwork and an annual inspection to verify that we are using organic methods according to the Canadian organic standard.

For those of you who may not like to use spaghetti squash as "spaghetti" Kirsten has also cut it up into chunks and baked it with bacon as you can see here.  For those who may not like the typical squash flavour, I think you will really like this.  Actually many people would probably not know it was squash unless you told them.
Here it is on the plate.
If you are having difficulty eating all the Cauliflower, it can be boiled then gently mashed and served instead of rice or noodles.  It is really good with a hamburger sauce over top.  
Both broccoli and cauliflower can also be lightly steamed and frozen for quick and easy preparation later on.

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