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Posted on by Tim Livingstone

Rutabaga or Summer Turnips as they are also known, are another great addition to soups and stews potato latkes or hash browns.  Of all the veggies I can think of, Rutabaga is the most social!  It enhances almost any other vegetable bringing out the sweetness and flavor in an incredible way.  By itself, on the other hand, it can be rather unpleasant with a strong flavor. 

So don't be bashful to chop it up and add it to boiled carrots or grate a little to put in your hash browns or even to throw into a stir fry.  The cold weather increases its sweetness too.

We have trimmed them up quite well, but there is a particular fly that loves the roots while in its young life stage.  Most rutabagas are grown with pretty heavy chemicals in the soil to control these.  Since we do not use chemicals we instead trim them up to remove as much damage as possible.  

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