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Second to last Winter Delivery Week

Posted on by Tim Livingstone

Nollie's black lab had 12 puppies and she is doing a great job of raising them.  We are looking for 10 homes for them in early March after they have had their first vet check and shots etc.  Have you ever tried to take a photo of 12 puppies?  It is hard to get them to be photogenic and especially all at the same time!





Here is another photo showing most of them....




In other farm news the salad mix is growing but not as quickly as we had hoped.  I've had to go cut more wood two or three times and still the salad mix is not quite ready to pick.  The spinach is growing well so we should have plenty for the custom orders this week.  We made the decision not to try to send salad mix in this box but to send preserves instead.  This should give a good amount of salad mix for the last box in two weeks.


We've been enjoying the spinach we picked two weeks ago.  This breakfast is a fruit smoothie with spinach plus our bacon and eggs.  The spinach bares little resemblance to what you get in the store at this time of year and it has incredible shelf life.  Certainly something we will try to grow more of next year!

We have been encouraged to see how many people are signing up for the summer boxes.  We are well ahead of this time last year which is great because we hope to fill up the program before it starts in June.  Feel free to spread the word to friends and relations who are interested.  We plan to start advertising in April so should have plenty of availability until then.

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