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Spring Rains are here...

Posted on by Tim Livingstone



Our first calf came Monday. It was an eventful day starting with afterbirth and no calf.  The vet had to pull the calf and later I had to help it get its first drink.  Both cow and calf are doing really well now.  Here the calf is enjoying shelter in the woods by the field.



Rain is putting us a bit behind schedule this week but we are able to keep going due to our protected tunnels.  Here we're weeding in the dry during the rain.  


During the winter I starting doing some supply school bus driving to help out when needed.  I was not planning to continue in May, but it has worked OK to drive close by.  Here is a conversation from yesterday on the bus:

5th grade student:  May I eat my rainbow carrots left from lunch?

Me:  Sorry you will have to wait until you are home; you are not supposed to eat on the bus.

5th grade student:  You should try growing rainbow carrots.

Me:  We are growing them and in fact they are already seeded.

1st grade student:  Can you be sure to put some in my box?

Me:  Sure.

1st grade student:  Do you have the red radishes?

Me:  Yes we just seeded them.

1st grade student:  How about the white radishes?

Me:  Yes they are already up.

1st grade student:  These are my absolute favourite!  Can you make sure I get some of those in my boxes too!

It was later I realised just how significant this is.  The first grade student is from a family that gets our summer boxes.  Through this program kids are learning to eat veggies and loving them!  MacDonalds has catered to kids for years by offering Happy Meals to get them hooked.  What an amazing way to get kids interested in veggies!  The excitement of getting a "Christmas" box of veggies every week is fun and rewarding.  Much better than a Happy Meal (IMHO). 


The chickens continue to lay eggs very well.  The yolks are bright orange from all the grass.  Here is just one day's collection - around 200 eggs!

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