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Spring Work and Payment Options Confirmed.

Posted on by Tim Livingstone

While spring has been a bit late, we are coming along well getting crops in and really appreciated the few dry warmer days last week.  Our first 5 employees have started work as well.  It is a challenge to train a new crew each year, but it looks likes we have some really good help again this year.

The greenhouse is overflowing with transplants.  We are increasing our production to try to fill the demand for local organic products.  Not only have our box sales increased, but we also have had more requests for wholesale including a senior's residence.  

We have also been approved to partner with a local school to supply their salad bar next school year. This is being modelled along the same idea as the veggie box.  We supply the salad bar with veggies that are in season and partner with the school to help the kids learn where their food comes from.  This is a pilot project that will be expanded if it goes well so we are excited to be a part of this and see how it develops..


After a lot of work we have decided to start with Royal Bank only for the online banking option.  If this goes well, we will set up with the other banks.  Here is an explanation of our payment options. 

1.)  If you are a Royal Bank Customer, our preferred payment is through your online banking or telephone banking where you can pay us as a Payee.  Just search for Strawberry Hill Farm and enter your customer number.  Your customer number is displayed on our website after you log in.  For later sign ups, the email invoice also has your customer number on it.

2.)  Cheque works well for us.  Just mail it to the address in the Contact Us portion of the website.

3.)  Cash is great if you are an installment customer paying during the season and picking up from our bus or at the stand.  We do ask, that all the first box payments are complete before the first box pickup so cash does not typically work as well for the first payment.

4.)  We accept Interac e-Transfers.

5.) We also accept Paypal which allows you to use a credit card to pay for your box, however we do lose at least 2.5% of all payments due to fees that go to Paypal and the credit card companies.  This is not our first choice but feel free to use it if these other options don't work well for you.

We look forward to supplying your needs and appreciate your support.

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