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Squash Harvest this week

Posted on by Tim Livingstone

Our squash harvest is in full swing.  The fog from the river valley kept the frost off earlier this week and we plan to have all the squash in the warehouse by Thursday night before the next cold night.  Large fans and slatted bins will help to keep the air moving and should help us store the squash better than we have been able to in the past.  

Bringing the squash in from the field is one of my favorite fall activities!  There are so many bins and they are so colorful - it is rewarding after a long summer of work.  


Open Farm day went well here last Sunday.  Weather was beautiful and lots of people came out.  We had sample boxes on display so I took a picture of the winter box sample for those who could not come.  There is still lots of room but is time to sign up for your winter boxes before they sell out!  Just go to the sign up tab on our website and follow the prompts.  Also remember that the winter box is a bit larger than the summer one because it has to last two weeks instead of one.


Finally for those following our strawberry crop, here is how they looked on Sunday.  The Strawberry transplants seem to really like the white row cover.

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