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Start of Winter Season!

Posted on by Tim Livingstone

I planted extra carrots this summer then rented a carrot harvester to do our carrot harvest this fall but the rain and snow made it so we could not harvest with the machine.  Kirsten's parents, my parents, and our whole crew pitched in to help harvest the carrots by hand - many from under the snow.  It was a cold muddy job but we did get all we needed for orders.  There are still some left in the ground that we were unable to harvest but I guess this is one of the risks of farming....  

I had to speak at the ACORN organic conference so spent the last three days in Halifax.  It was a great time to meat other farmers and friends and learn new things to try next year.  Kirsten and the crew kindly kept working and got lots done while I was away.  This included covering the strawberries with white cover as you can see above.  This cover is supposed to work better than the typical straw cover.


We have winter greens in a couple of greenhouses this year and hope to be able to supply something green in your boxes all winter long.  It looks like we have a great selection of items for the winter boxes to give good variety and value.

Our winter season starts this week.  We have simplified our winter program a bit this year and hope it will be a bit more manageable.  We work very hard in the summer so would like to be able to have a little break over the winter and perhaps even take a trip with the kids over the holidays.  

We are doing the regular winter veggie boxes plus add on meats for the bus customers in Fredericton.  The rest of our meats we will be selling wholesale to as many of the stores hosting pick up locations as possible.  For those not picking up at our bus, ask the pick up location for our meats.  Our farm stand will also be open every Friday from noon to 6:00 and will be stocked with veggies, eggs and meats.

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