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Still seeding and planting more crops!

Posted on by Tim Livingstone

We are certainly having a very beautiful fall so far.  The early frost did not kill our tomatoes in the main greenhouse but it is getting cool enough that the tomatoes were not growing much any more so we have picked them all and are ripening them on bread trays in the germination room.  This opens up the main greenhouse for us to seed salad mix for this winter.  Every day of good growing weather now is worth about a week of growing in January so we are eager to get the winter greens in the ground.  

Last week the greenhouse was full of tomato plants right up to the rafters.  Now we have started seeding salad mix.  The clear plastic on the ground will help hold heat even during the cold months of December, January, and February.  We noticed a marked difference in trials last winter.  Although it is harder to plant and seed into the plastic, the growth benefits should outweigh the extra time it takes.


We have gotten some extra help to get the sweet potato harvest in.  It is looking good and we expect to have sweet potatoes right through the winter.  We have 4 different kinds this year of which two are ones we have never grown before.


Pigs are growing quickly in their field and wooded pen.  They have finished rooting up the remains of the sweet corn so we will be giving them a new pen shortly.  We are amazed at how fast they have grown and how well they have done.  We also have sold out of sausage twice now so are looking forward to having more sausage using Kirsten's special sausage recipes.

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