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Posted on by Tim Livingstone

When we opened our roadside stand last year, we quickly learned that we could not be called "Strawberry Hill Farm" and not have strawberries...   People just expected us to have them.  I went to a local grower and picked about 100 quarts on Saturday morning a year ago and these were sold at our stand and went in our first boxes.  

When we saw ours were not doing well this year we planned to do this again but the crop here in NB is slower this year.  Our boxes were going to be a bit small this week without them so after some agonizing over what to do, I called good friends of ours who own Tap Root Farms in Nova Scotia and do a box program too.  Josh was able to find a local grower who had berries ready and someone else with a truck headed to Toronto.  The long and short of it is that we now have strawberries for the boxes and for the stand!  They are not organic but they are fresh having arrived here the day after picking.

We plan to start picking locally on Wednesday for the Thursday boxes and for late week sales at the stand as well as for the O'Toole's Grafton market on Saturday.

Organic strawberries are difficult to grow - some say impossible in our area.  We made the decision that we would grow everything on the farm organicly so the challenge is on! The strawberries we planted last year failed but we have learned a lot and are trying again this year trying several different methods of production.  In the mean time we try to find berries that are as spray free as we can to keep up with the expectations of our customers.

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