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Strawberries and Boxes starting next week!

Posted on by Tim Livingstone

We are excited to have a good looking crop of organic strawberries.  They are early too!  We have been told that it is impossible to grow organic strawberries in New Brunswick but it looks like it can be done after all ... 

They are delicious and we look forward to having them for sale at our roadside stand on Friday and in the boxes next week.

This has been another busy spring for us.  We have a lot of new crew members but they are working well.  Our crew this year consists of 3 Jamaicans, 3 full time Canadians, plus 6 summer students and some part time help.  We are working on ways to keep the 3 full time Canadians busy as much of the winter as possible so that they will stay with us year after year.  The Jamaicans come seasonally and the students go back to school so we are hopeful that it will work out well for everyone.

The warehouse which was mentioned in a previous blog post is well under way and going up quickly.  We exceeded the limit of what we could reasonably do with our limited space and imperfect storage areas. 

Once the warehouse is completed we will be moving our retail sales area into the warehouse.  This building will help us to be more efficient with our prep and packing, store product better, and have better quality vegetables in our boxes.


They poured the floor today.  We are super excited and really looking forward to moving in in about 2-3 week's time.


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