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Strawberries and Haying!

Posted on by Tim Livingstone

This week`s blog post is going to be short since we are haying this week  We have our first organic Strawberry harvest!  While our crop is not large, the berries are by far the sweetest berries we have tasted in years!  I`ve gone from end to end of the field and tasted all varieties and they all taste remarkably good.

We`ve been told organic strawberries in this area are an impossibility.  We battled poor establishment, weeds, and bugs so it is rewarding to taste the fruit.  Unfortunately we will have lost money on this crop, but at least we will have learned a lot and you our customers should all get to enjoy some tasty fruit without chemicals.  Our challenge for next year is to change our growing methods so we not only have great tasting berries but so we can also make a little money doing it.... 

We made the switch this year and are baling most of our hay in round bales.  We simply don`t have time to deal with all the small square bales during this busy time of the year and by using a small round bale, I can roll the bales in the barn and avoid starting the tractor to feed cows.  We have about 70 bales done now with 25 or 30 more to bale today.  This should complete what we need for the cows this winter.  The hay quality looks really good and we are so happy to have it all done in one go rather than dragging out through the summer months!


I don`t have time for recipes today, but did want to mention that there will be quite a bit of Swiss Chard this week.  It can be a little more bitter than beet greens or spinach but this is also a quality that makes it very healthy for you.  If you steam it, I think you will find that a little butter and balsamic vinegar will help to cut the bitter taste.

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