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Strawberries planted and fall harvest begun

Posted on by Tim Livingstone

Our Strawberries are all planted for next year.  This picture was taken a couple weeks ago when we were just starting to plant, but it shows where they were planted and gives a nice view of the warehouse.  We planted them earlier this year then we did last year and will be covering them with covers so that hopefully we will have a better yield.  No matter how many we plant, we have still been unable to keep up with the demand for organic berries in the spring.



Here is today's catch of melons.  The ones in the front bin are the juicy sweet yellow fleshed watermelon.  The back bin has the larger red watermelons.  Both are certainly a treat on these hot days.




Last week was the last week before school and we made the most of the time with our 5 students heading back.  We harvested our largest and best onion crop yet - 17 bins of onions.  Hope everyone likes onions!  



Since buying this farm, we have had a difficult time drying and storing onions so we built a room specially for drying onions, curing sweet potatoes, and other crop storage.  Here we have 8 of the onion bins drying with lots of air circulation and a dehumidifier.  Growing on plastic sure worked well for us.  Now we need to find a market for all the extra onions!

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