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Summer Heat & Sweet Corn

Posted on by Tim Livingstone

This is our first week of sweet corn!  We tried a new variety this year and while it is really good tasting, I'd like to see larger and better ears.  We have lots for the boxes and lots for the stand so whether you are a box customer or whether you just want to stop and buy at the stand, I think you will find the sweetness and flavour very rewarding.  This first variety is all yellow then starting next week most of the corn will be the typical bi-colour variety. 

Kirsten's brother and family came up from North Carolina this past weekend and I think they brought the heat with them!  Other than a few crops that are a bit short on moisture, most of our crops are enjoying the heat; Us not so much...  We are so grateful for the warehouse with good coolers to provide a nice place to work and allow us to keep the quality good in spite of the heat.


Sweet potatoes took a while to get started but are growing well now with most plants having roots that are an inch in diameter or more.  Speaking of hot weather, North Carolina is probably the sweet potato capital of the US so the hot weather is something they are right at home with.


If you remember I mentioned earlier that our squash crop had low germination and a slow start.  The plants have now pretty much filled in the missing areas and there are lots of small squash coming.  As long as we have a relatively warm September and the mildew does not take the plants down, we could still have a good squash crop in spite of their earlier difficulties.


Here is a young butternut squash.  Butternuts are probably my favourite squash.  This is due to my lazy nature (they are easy to peal) and due to the fact that they are generally sweeter than others like the Acorns and in addition they are firm enough to be fried or baked and taste like sweet potato....  

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