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Summer Joys and Challenges!

Posted on by Tim Livingstone

We've had some difficulty with our equipment.  Last week a main drive belt went on our hay cutting machine so we could not make hay when the weather was great last week.  We finally got it fixed by Friday and mowed on Saturday.  Yesterday the power steering went on the tractor and a shaft went on the used tedder (used to turn hay over in the field to speed drying) we just bought.  It just been one of those challenging times.  Most of our equipment is older and this is the risk we have to take.  We can't afford the high cost of new equipment....   

In spite of all this, we were able to get over 200 bales of hay onto wagons before the rain hit and we all got soaking wet.  The crops really did need the rain and I hear that some areas of the Maritimes are experiencing real drought so we can count our blessings.

The good news is that the crops are really coming on well.  This weeks box is good and full making it over value to help make up for earlier undervalue boxes.  There will also be a good variety of veggies at our roadside stand.  

Though not ready yet, there are lots of melons developing in the field as you can see the watermelon here.



Another crop we look forward to sending in a few weeks is Ground Cherries.  Bruce, our youngest told us the other day that his favorite veggies were peas, carrots, and ground cherries!  He loves to go up to the patch and pick both peas and ground cherries and eat them right from the plants....


There are more pictures and a recipe in the Newsletter for the week. 

Best wishes till next week - hopefully our equipment will stay running :-)


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