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Summer Plenty

Posted on by Tim Livingstone

It is a time of plenty on the farm and from what I can see everyone's gardens are coming in now.  There are vendors selling from tables by the main road in town and signs and small farm stands popping up all over.  It is great for small farmers but not so great for wholesalers or those who sell them product. 

This is one of the benefits of the box program.  You sign up for the season and take the product as it is ready so we have a market all season long.  The box program market does not fluctuate so much like the other markets do and it is predictable.  For us our strongest markets outside the box program are in the spring and later fall when most growers do not have product.  The new warehouse will help us to serve these shoulder seasons even better.


It has been an eventful few days.  We drove our old John Deere tractor with a load of pigs on a trailer in the Woodstock Old Home Week parade.  We finished our haying for the season, we survived a hail storm, and have tons of product to pick all in a holiday week with less help....



Yesterday we baled our final batch of hay for the season so we now have a barn full of good hay for the winter.  It is always fun for me to have young people help with hay for the first time.  Can you really be called a farmer if you have never thrown hay bales?

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