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Summer's turning to fall or is it?

Posted on by Tim Livingstone

Last week we had some pretty cool nights and it was starting to feel like fall but today summer is back with full heat!  Other than slowing the ripening of tomatoes a bit, crops did not seem to mind the cooler weather.  Winter Squash is ripening up well, pumpkins are turning orange, onions are getting ready to harvest, and the fall broccoli and cauliflower plants are thriving.  The photo to the right shows sweet potatoes starting to gain size.  I was a little concerned that the cool weather was going to slow them down, but the heat this week is just what they love.

We seeded another hay field last week and then finished making our last hay for the season this weekend.  We have a good supply of great quality hay for the winter.  It is a good feeling to have this done.


Here is a supper Kirsten made a couple nights ago.  The green vegetable in the noodle dish is Romanesco Cauliflower and the orange is a new type of orange sweet peppers we grew this year.  Of course the sausage is from our last year's pigs.  We still have some sausage left that those who pick up from the bus can pre-order if they so wish.  We also have it available at our roadside stand.

For those of you who follow our blog, I mentioned that we have been looking out for Monarch butterflies. The picture I posted a couple weeks ago turned out to be a Viceroy, but this past weekend I did see a real Monarch.  I was not able to get too close but you can see by the lower wings that it is in fact a Monarch.  I was some excited to find it and hope it lays lots of eggs! 

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