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The labeling and record keeping dilema...

Posted on by Tim Livingstone

We grow over 50 crops plus berries and record keeping is always a challenge.  It seems that no matter how carefully we mark everything, we still have trouble knowing which variety is which at harvest time.  Some varieties really do much better than others and for most crops we only have one chance per season to figure it out so knowing the variety is very important.  Tags get pulled out by cultivation or trimming or harvesting the end of the row or get covered by the crop or fade in the sun. 

Here is my new attempt at record keeping.  This one picture will tell me what was seeded, when, where, the lot number, where the seed came from, how old the seed was, and what equipment was used to seed it.  I know it looks a bit weird but I'm hopeful it will help.

Our neighbor was cleaning out an old barn and asked if I wanted to look through it to see if there was anything we wanted.  There was an old Planet Jr. seeder upstairs in almost mint condition - wow what a find!  I've had trouble seeding beets and spinach with my other seeders but this one appears to do a super job.  Now comes the wait to see how they come up but I'm really optimistic.  You can't buy them like this any more but these old seeders are still widely used by market gardeners today.

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