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Update from Strawberry Hill Farm

Posted on by Tim Livingstone

We are still waiting for rain.  Last week it rained a few times, but never enough to wet the soil.  Even last night with 80% chance of thunder showers, it was not enough rain to even measure in the rain gauge.  The moisture in the soil is now pretty much gone so we are seeing crops slow down.  


The melons have done very well and are some of the sweetest and earliest melons I've ever seen!  They are a bit smaller but the size will work well for couples and small families.






Sweet corn is also coming in now and it tastes great.  Other than there being a few ear worms, it has done very well with all the heat and the dry conditions are not adversely affecting it as of yet anyway.





Our second batch of meat chickens is here and they are doing well.  We've put them right out on the grass in a small shelter for the first couple weeks until the are ready to graduate to the big one.


The first batch of meat birds is in the freezer and ready for sale...



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