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Update from Strawberry Hill Farm

Posted on by Tim Livingstone

Another hot dry week, but looks like there is rain in the forecast.  I sure hope so.  Our third crop of lettuce has failed because of the lack of soil moisture.  On the other hand, our later planting of cole crops is looking really good in spite of the weather.  We are so happy about this and look forward to supplying lots of broccoli, cauliflower, and later on kale.

I went and checked our squash, pumpkins and sweet potatoes tonight.  We have lots and will be starting to offer them at the stand and on the bus for those who would like to purchase them.  It will probably be a couple weeks at least before they go in boxes.

I know it seems a little early for pumpkins, but we have some really beautiful mid sized ones that would be great to put on your porch or in a fall display.  We also have pie pumpkins and special pumpkins with hulless seeds so you can roast and eat the seeds.  A normal pumpkin seed has a hull that gets stuck in your teeth making it unpleasant to eat but the hulless ones are really delicious.

The sweet potatoes are looking very good.  It takes a little imagination but you can see the tops of the roots in this photo.  We will probably dig them in about 3 week's time.  Sweet potato is not like a regular potato, it is actually a root.  It is also a very good food for diabetics because the fiber to sugar ratio is perfect.


We have lots of cherry tomatoes and regular tomatoes now.  We also have a last planting of peas that is just starting to flower.  I'ver never grown a successful fall pea crop, but this looks like it will be the first one!

We are having a little difficulty with the hens.  Their laying has slowed down again and the egg size is a bit small.  We think the small eggs are because we have been feeding them quite a few scraps including melon which would be lower in protein than their normal grain.  When they eat less protein the egg size goes down.  Warm temperatures also reduces the amount they eat and the egg size declines so it may also be a combination of things.  

The cows are doing well.  We have a few additions to the herd from our neighbor.  He is retiring so we are finishing off some of his calves.  We have to haul all their water to them - 250 gallons a day - because the streams and water holes nearby have dried up.  We have a good set up though, so it is not a big deal.  We'd like to install a water system that will double for livestock water and for irrigation of crops, but our budgetary constraints won't allow this to happen this year.

Our next batch of broiler chicks is growing quickly as you can see in this photo.  They are just about 4 weeks old.

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