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Update from Strawberry Hill Farm

Posted on by Tim Livingstone

We have gone from winter to spring conditions and sounds like we will be back to deep winter by the end of the week.  Looks like I'll have to get some sand for the driveway which is currently a sheet of ice...



We seeded trays of peas last week to provide some green for the winter vegetable boxes.  Pea shoots taste very much like the peas themselves and they make a very colorful and interesting garnish.  They can also be used in stir fries or simply eaten raw in salads.


This next picture shows the sprouting peas the way they look today.  They will probably not be full grown when we send them in the boxes, but they should continue to grow on the kitchen counter and can be used fresh over a longer period of time this way.


We also are growing alfalfa sprouts for the boxes.  These are very nutritious and provide another tasty fresh winter green.  Alfalfa sprouts are probably the easiest of the sprouts to grow.

One of the good things about having cows is that they love to eat up almost any of the vegetables we have left over or that are not up to par.  Here they are enjoying eating the cabbage wrapper leaves and left over Brussels sprouts!  They complained the next day when back to their regular hay diet - clearly they wanted more....

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