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Weekly Update

Posted on by Tim Livingstone

Been another busy week on the farm.  School is now out so we have more help too.

The warm temperatures and moderate amount of rain are bringing some really fast growth.  Broccoli is coming in with cabbage close behind.  Our first carrots are about two weeks away and potatoes are ready for their final hilling.


Everyone on the farm enjoys the beautiful evenings and the sunshine.  At this point I think the two crops most affected by the rain are our late planting of sweet corn and our first planting of beans.  Quite a few things went into the ground late, but I'm hopeful that they will catch up over the summer.


Elton was very impressed with the grapes in Switzerland and would like to keep the "family heritage" going.  We planted about 500 grapes - some seedless for eating and some for wine.  He did the research and much of the work to prep for planting, taking great care to make things look neat and straight...


Summer is a really busy time for us and while we cannot take a week vacation like most families do, we are making every effort to still enjoy doing things as a family and things the kids enjoy.  Bruce loves to fish and was really pleased with this catch which he hooked all by himself.


Organic farming can at times be challenging.  You have to think ahead and try to avoid problems because it is difficult to fix a problem after it comes.  On the flip side, it is very rewarding when you find nature at work in the field. Lady bugs are great protectors and are all around the celeriac plants.

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