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Weekly Update

Posted on by Tim Livingstone

Do you think the warm summer weather is here to stay for a while?  Our wettest fields are finally drying out to the point we can start to work them again. Overall, crops are looking quite good considering the weather we've had.

This picture shows our regular potatoes on the left and sweet potatoes on the right.  Did you know that sweet potatoes are not at all related to regular potatoes?  They are a completely different type of plant.

We are harvesting Broccoli, Cauliflower, Cabbage, and now just starting to pick summer squash and zucchini.   Melons and squash are starting to grow much more quickly with the heat.  Looks like we will be a couple weeks behind normal, but I'm hopeful that we will still get a good crop.  

These melons are still under their white protective row cover, but we'll need to remove it soon so the bees can pollinate the flowers.  

We have almost an acre of sweet potatoes planted which appear to be doing well for this time of year.  They should really take off quickly given a bit more heat.  The clear plastic warms the soil much better than black plastic and we have found it to double the yield.






The chickens love to eat the left over lettuce and beet greens.  The chickens and pigs complement each other well where the pigs are not much of greens eaters but they like other veggies the chickens won't eat.



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