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Weekly Update

Posted on by Tim Livingstone

We went to the Common Ground Fair in Unity Maine on the weekend, something we try to do each year.  It is a great opportunity to see variety trials (you can see lettuce trials to the right) talk to growers, see what others are selling at farmer's markets and learn what varieties work for them.  We also enjoyed seeing sheep dog demos and the exhibits with a wide range of types of animals and birds.  There was also a large craft section (most priced out of range) that is always fun to explore and see people's creativity.

The frost last week took out most of upper leaves on our sweet potatoes and squash. Our squash is a bit smaller than usual but we still do have a crop - probably about 2/3 of normal.  The sweet potato crop is probably about 1/2 of what we would normally expect which we believe is due to the wet cool summer we have had.  The good news for our customers is that we planted about 3 times more sweet potatoes this year than last so we should still have plenty for boxes.  Kirsten also has some great recipes for small sweet potatoes that we will be sure to share with you all.

The winter program is about 1/2 sold in the first week and a half, so if you would like to participate, please sign up soon before it is too late.

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