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Winter boxes almost sold out!

Posted on by Tim Livingstone

Our winter boxes initially sold out quickly this year so we are grateful for the fact that we have had a better than expected fall season.  There has been extra produce from the late summer boxes that we can store for the winter program.  This has allowed us to increase the number of boxes we can do this winter and accept more sign ups.  I added 15 more boxes earlier this month and today I added another 15 boxes so if you missed the first time around there is still a chance to get in. 

This weekend Bruce and Nollie had fun in the leaves out front of our house.  It sure is a pleasant time of year to be outside.  Not too hot and not too cold and no bugs!  The white tunnel in the background is where we are trialling a new system for growing organic strawberries.

We've enjoyed beautiful broccoli, cauliflower, salad greens, and many other things that have done well this fall.  We even have some late fall radishes for this week's box.

Some of you may remember that last year we hoped to supply salad mix into the winter but this did not work out.  We tried to grow salad mix in the tunnels after the tomatoes but there was not enough time for them to germinate and grow before it got too cold.  In light of this, we have taken a different approach this year.  We seeded spinach and salad mix in plug cell trays and are planting these in the cold frame and greenhouse after the tomatoes are finished.  

This picture to the right shows freshly planted spinach where we were harvesting cherry tomatoes last week.  Spinach should hold up very well even in cold weather provided it has a chance to grow and mature before then.  Although it takes more time, transplanting spinach has worked much better for us than seeding it directly in the ground.



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