Add Ons to your order for customers picking up from our bus.

Good Morning to all of you who pick up at our bus in Fredericton,

It has taken us a while, but we are now set so that you can order meat and other vegetables to come with your box on the bus; a service we are only offering to people picking up at our bus.  If you log onto your account on our website, you will see what other things you can order.  We ask that you order by Monday for Tuesday pick up and by Tuesday for Thursday pick up.

We also ask that you wait to pay until we send you a confirmation invoice.  You can then pay in all the usual ways - cheque or cash at pick up, bank transfer, or via Paypal.

We have chicken, hamburger, sausages, and more plus we have several specials on vegetables that we have plenty of so we encourage you to check it out.  

Hope you are enjoying your boxes.