Eggs Available!

Good Morning to all our current and past customers,

With all the snow you'd hardly know it is spring!  No matter what it looks like, spring is technically here and we are getting ready by seeding in the greenhouse, planning field production, working on equipment, and a whole list of other jobs.

We have a problem, however, that we are hoping you would be able to help us with - especially all of you that enjoy summer eggs.  Chickens lay eggs year round but many of you only order eggs during the summer and/or winter seasons.  We have a spring program where you can sign up to have the eggs delivered to Aura Whole Foods in Fredericton or you can pick up from our farm near Woodstock.  Unfortunately Aura is not currently selling our eggs themselves, but Debbie Russell at True Food Organics (just a block or two from Aura) is selling them by the dozen for anyone not wishing to sign up.

I had hoped we could have our surplus graded so we could sell to Real Food Connections.  Unfortunately, no-one is willing or able to grade our eggs at this time largely because we do not qualify for "Start Clean - Stay Clean".  Our hens run on the grass for a large part of the year and are not fully caged so we don't qualify....sigh...

So if all of you that can would be willing to help us out during the spring season and either sign up for eggs every other week or go to True Foods (207 Charlotte Street, Fredericton) and buy them we would really appreciate it.  Next scheduled delivery is Thursday a week from today.

Thank you to those who are already signed up!