Option 1 it is...

Good Morning,

Thank you for all your votes and for replying so quickly.  We have heard from about 2/3 of you and the overwhelming majority would prefer option 1.  Of all those with a definite vote, we are at 75% option 1 and 25% option 2 so we will be going with Option 1 for everyone.  After this week's delivery, we will skip two whole weeks with the fourth box coming January 2-3.

Remember to sign up for any extras you may want, especially considering there will be an extra week this round.  If you have a box ordered already, you can order anything extra from our Add-On list and there is no minimum.  Order deadline for extras is Tuesday night.

Many of you expressed kind words and wanted to make sure that we have a restful Holiday.  We really appreciate your concern for us and look forward to some down time with family and friends.

I'll send out the usual reminders the night before pick up.

Enjoy the snow day!