Payment Options

Good Evening to all our customers for 2014 Summer/Fall,

To keep things simple and make sure no-one is left out, I'm sending this email out to all summer/fall customers.  About 25% of you have already paid so if you have paid already, feel free to just disregard this email.  If you are in the remaining 75%, we wanted to list what payment options are available and to remind you that you have a payment due by June 7.   This gives us a chance to make sure everything is set before the first box delivery and to find homes for any unclaimed boxes.

Here is an explanation of our payment options.  

1.)  If you are a Royal Bank Customer, our preferred payment is through your online banking or telephone banking where you can pay us as a Payee.  Just search for Strawberry Hill Farm and enter your customer number which is listed under your name when you log onto our site using your name and password.  We are not set up with the other banks at this time but if it works well with RBC, we will consider adding other banks.

2.)  Cheque works well for us.  Just mail it to the address in the Contact Us portion of the website.

3.)  Cash is great if you are an installment customer paying during the season.  We do ask that all the first box payments are complete before the first box pick up so cash does not typically work as well for the first payment.

4.)  We accept Interac e-Transfers made to this email address.

5.) We also accept Paypal which allows you to use a credit card to pay for your box.  We do lose at least 2.5% of all payments made this way so this is not our first choice but feel free to use it if the other options don't work well for you.

Don't hesitate to email if you have any questions.  Thank you for your support!