Recipe for Sweet Potatoes

Good Evening to all,

My brother was up from the States so we took the time to be with him and his family.  In light of this it has taken a little while to get this for you but hopefully we are in time.  

When we harvest Sweet Potatoes, we find quite a few small roots along with the big roots largely because our summers are not as warm as down south.  Rather than allow these smaller roots to go to waste, we thought you would enjoy a recipe that Kirsten makes for us which we enjoy as a family.

The roots are washed clean but not peeled - there is a lot of value in the peels.  They are then chopped as you see here in the picture and baked in the oven.  She usually sprinkles a little brown sugar and salt on them and bakes them at 375 degrees for an hour.  She will also sometimes fry up some sausage and add it on top just prior to serving.  

This is an amazingly good dish and although it takes time to cook, the actual preparation is easy and simple.  If you are a little short on time, chopping them thinner will allow them to bake faster in the oven.

Another vegetable we sent more of this week is the Celeriac or Celery Root.  While this vegetable will make a good flavor addition to most any dish, it is also good when cooked as a separate vegetable by itself where it has a deliciously mild flavor.  

If you have any other vegetable that you need ideas on how to cook, feel free to send us an email and we'll be happy to give you some ideas.

Enjoy your Veggies!