Recipe ideas for this week

I'm working on a system to post recipes in a central spot on our website but for today I wanted to send a couple ideas that may be of use.

Edible Pod Peas:  We grow a type of peas that can be eaten pod and all.  You simply snap the top and pull the string off then you can eat them raw, chopped in salads, lightly cooked in a stir fry, or even in soups and stews.  We like the pod peas because they do not require the long arduous task of shelling.


Beet Greens: If anyone has too many beet greens left from last week, simply throw them into a pot of boiling water for a minute then drain and freeze them.  They will be ready to go later in the year or even in winter when greens are scarce.


Romaine Lettuce: We have sent you all a lot of Romaine lettuce.  It grew very well in the wet cooler weather we have had.  Looks like you will have a week or two break from it so feel free to use what you have over a couple weeks.  This lettuce will store quite well in the crisper or in a bag in the fridge.   One of our customers last week told us she puts it into green smoothies.  I've never tried lettuce in a smoothie but if you like smoothies it is probably worth a try.

Hope this helps you enjoy your veggies this week.  I'll let you know when the recipe section is up on the website.

Enjoy your veggies and Strawberries!