Recipe ideas for this week

Good Evening,

Some of you have gotten your boxes and some still look forward to them.  Here are some ideas for this week's selections:

Garlic Scapes:  A garlic scape is the young flower stem of the garlic plant.  Removing them helps the bulbs develop while also making a great tasting flavor item.  The scapes are chopped and used in salads or used in place of regular garlic in cooking.  You can also use them to make a great tasting garlic pesto.

Summer Squash & Zucchini:  Both of these are almost the same except that zucchini is green and summer squash is often yellow.  These are more common farther south where they are often sliced and fried in butter.  

For grilling they can be cut down the middle and coated with a bit of olive oil and a few herbs.  See photo to the right.

My mom would often simply chop them up into 1" cubes and boil them as you would peas or beans.  If boiling, just be careful not to over do it or they will get mushy.







Pac Choi:  This is an Asian vegetable often used in stir fries.  It can be cooked as a green too, but I think my favorite is used in a stir fry.


Summer Cabbage:  It is possible that some of the Thursday boxes may have summer cabbage instead of broccoli and cauliflower.  We grow two types, a pointed kind popular in Europe, and a round type more like what we are used to in North America.  Both types are a bit wetter and sweeter then a typical storage cabbage.  There are many great uses including in salads, Coleslaw, stir fries, and even as a pickle.  We often pickle shredded cabbage and it makes a delicious addition to a sandwich or to potato salad.  The cabbage holds its crunch really well as a pickle.  If you have a jar of pickle juice in the fridge, you can even through some shredded cabbage in the juice and then enjoy it in a few days.

Hope this helps you enjoy this week's veggies.