Recipe ideas for this week

We've been eating lots of zucchini and summer squash recently as you will see by the pictures.  We enjoy it and it is easy to cook.  Summer Squash in particular seems to be a relatively new vegetable to New Brunswickers but it is a great summer garden vegetable so we hope you are learning to like it.  Here are some ways we use it.  I know some of you are vegetarian so I hope you don't mind seeing our dinner plates.  If you would prefer, I can focus on just the vegetable dishes in the future.

Supper last night.  Homemade sausage, rice and boiled veggies.  Kirsten says to boil the carrots and beans then add the softer veggies (summer squash and zucchini) only for the last couple of minutes.



For this dinner Kirsten sauteed the onions in coconut oil first until translucent then added the rest of the veggies leaving the tomatoes out until the last minute.



Tonight Kirsten did a similar recipe with basil and other herbs added.  





Bacon in potatoes with dill and green and yellow beans.  


This week we are sending celery.  We are still learning how to best grow celery in our climate and soil soil conditions.  It is doing a lot better than last year but it may be a little tougher than what you normally would get in the super market.  You can eat it raw but you may prefer to use it in stir fries and for flavouring.  It should store for a few weeks in the fridge in the crisper or in a plastic bag.

Hope everyone is enjoying their veggies,