Remember to pick up your boxes tomorrow (Thursday)

Good Evening to our Thursday Canadian Tire customers,

Remember to come to our bus tomorrow(Thursday afternoon) and pick up your veggies.  We plan to be parked in the Canadian Tire parking lot on Smythe Street from 4:00 to 6:00 pm.     

Please bring your own bags or boxes to pick them up.  We like to keep our boxes with the bus so they remain clean and in good shape.  If you forget, we do have extra bags on the bus.

Remember that your veggies are garden fresh so we ask that you wash everything before eating.  Most veggies store much better the less they are washed so we aim to get the dirt off but not over do it so you get maximum freshness and life out of them.

For farm news, feel free to check out our Blog.

For more information on storing the veggies and for recipes and use ideas, click this link for our newsletter.

Look forward to seeing you at the bus!