Remember to pick up your boxes tomorrow (Tuesday)

Good Evening to all our Tuesday customers,

Remember to pick up your boxes tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon at the auxiliary parking lot of the Delta Hotel near down town Fredericton from 4:00 to 6:00pm.  

We are sending a generous amount of root vegetables and Thanksgiving themed vegetables in this week's box and next week's.  Most of these vegetables will store for several weeks so if there is too much to eat right away, don't worry.

Rutabaga or Turnip:  We are sending these for the first time this year.  For those people who don't especially like the turnip flavour, try cooking these with potatoes or carrots and I think you will find them very enjoyable. I've even run them through a shredder along with potatoes to make potato latkes (similar to hash browns) and found they really add to the moisture and sweetness of the potatoes without adding the distinctive turnip taste.

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For what to expect in your boxes this week you can click here or go to the Boxes tab on our website.

Have a good week,