Reminder to Add-On to your orders if you wish to

Good Evening,

It has been great for us to have an extra week off, but we have also been busy and have a number of new items that you can order if you wish.  We sent our 5 certified organic pigs plus our first 2 fully certified organic beef animals to the butcher and have most of the meat now in our freezer.  The butcher was pleased with the quality of the beef and very impressed with the quality of the pork saying that the fat content was low and the quality of the animals was very good.  This was especially good to hear considering it was our first go with pigs and we used our own custom grain ration.

The new offerings this week include 5 types of delicious sausage made from our own organic pork plus several other pork cuts.  We also have more beef and even a small amount of honey in the comb.  The hams and bacons are curing so will not be available this time around but hopefully in the not too distant future.

Remember that we would like to have the orders in by Tuesday night so we can have the time needed to collect the orders and finalize the invoices prior to delivery.  

We look forward to seeing you later this week!