Reminder to Add-On to your orders if you wish to

Good Evening,

We have added frozen raspberries to the online order items this week and we are adding our freshly smoked Polish sausage and freshly smoked Salami.

Kirsten used some ground pork we had gotten from Hilltop Pork in Centerville for these two sausages.  Since it was our first time she did not want to risk using our new organic ground pork in case it did not turn out.  It worked really well (at least we think so) so we wanted to offer it to those who would like to give it a try and we'll use our pork in the future.  After deliberating back and forth we thought you would prefer for us to leave the sodium nitrate preservative out so the colour is a little browner than you might be used to.  We used wild apple wood for the smoking.

We have lots of eggs too and this will also probably be our last week of Brussels sprouts and kale. 

Thank you in advance for your orders,