Reminder to pick up your boxes tomorrow - Thursday

Good Evening to all our Thursday box customers,

This is a reminder to pick up your boxes tomorrow (Thursday) at the same time and place as last week.

We are so grateful to have power back.  It has been a difficult week for us as I've heard it has been for many of you as well but we lost relatively little and were able to get a generator running in time to keep the food that is in storage.

We are asking that you wash the strawberries because the rain caused some dirt to get on them.  If we wash them they won't keep.  

We may have to do a couple substitutions from what is listed on the web including sending tomatoes instead of cukes and onions instead of summer squash in some boxes.

We also wanted you to know that the peas this week are edible pod peas meaning that you take the string off and then eat the entire pod - no shelling needed!

Feel free to check out our blog for some pictures and to see more of what is happening on the farm.  You can go to our website or click here to see our blog.

For what is coming in the boxes, you can go to the boxes tab of our website or click here.

Have a good evening,