Reminder to pick up your boxes tomorrow (Thursday)

Good Evening to all our Thursday customers,

Remember to pick up your boxes tomorrow (Thursday).  The weather forecast is predicting very cold temperatures but hopefully you will still all be able to make it.  If you cannot make it to pick up, give the pick up location a call and ask them to hold you box until Friday.  For those picking up at the bus in Fredericton, we can leave your box at Real Food Connections if you can't make it Thursday night.

We are sending the last of the spaghetti squash and probably the last of the Acorns as well (probably only one type per customer) and you may find a few small blemishes on the outside.  These are superficial and won't affect the eating portion of the squash.  We do recommend, however, that you eat them quite soon as they are nearing the end of their storage life.

Please bring your own bags to put your produce in when you come to pick up.  Leaving the boxes at the pick up spot helps us to keep them clean and keep our costs down.

For farm news, feel free to check out our Blog.

For what to expect in your boxes this week you can click here or go to the Boxes tab on our website.

Best wishes for 2015!