Reminder to pick up your boxes tomorrow (Thursday)

Good Evening to all our Thursday customers,

Remember to pick up your boxes tomorrow (Thursday) at your normal time and place. 

This is the last box of the winter season.  Most items will store which should give you plenty of time to eat everything.  Even the greens should store for up to two weeks in the fridge - especially the spinach.  We have to delay some eggs due to the change in schedule but will email those affected by the egg delay.  If you don't hear anything, you can assume your eggs will be with your order this week.

We would like to thank everyone for participating in our third winter season.  Although we had less winter squash than in past years, we were able to send more sweet potatoes and more greens than ever before.  We hope you all enjoyed your boxes and we look forward to seeing you again this summer.  If you have not signed up we ask you to do it sooner rather than later even if you want to wait on payment. 

We plan to do an advertising push in April and May and do not want any of our regular customers to miss out.  We are planning on a smaller increase in boxes for this year so we may sell out.

For farm news, feel free to check out our Blog.

For what to expect in your boxes this week you can click here or go to the Boxes tab on our website.

Thank you,