Update from Strawberry Hill Farm

Good Morning,

We hope you have all had a good Holiday season so far.  This is the last day of 2012 and tomorrow starts a new year, but I hope you will be able to find a few minutes to order any extras you may want for pick up with your boxes later this week.  The order deadline for for this week is tomorrow (Tuesday) night.

We are planning to send sweet potatoes again this week, but they will be the thinner ones - more like the size of a carrot.  Kirsten has a really good recipe for these which we'll be sending - they can be cooked similar to carrots with peels and all.

We are short of greens for this week, so we are sending preserves (pickles, relish, etc.) in their place.

We continue to have plenty of eggs and the different cuts of meat - both beef and chicken.  The only cut we are almost sold out of is chicken breast.

There is farm news on our blog and you can see the other goodies coming this week by going to your account on our website.

Best wishes for the New Year.