Update from Strawberry Hill Farm

Good Morning,

This is our second to last delivery week for the winter season.  Here are a few particulars for extra ordering this week.

Meats:  We sold out of hamburger, stew meat, and soup bones at the last delivery.  Unfortunately, there are other cuts too that have not sold in the same proportions and these need to sell too in order to make room in the freezers.  We have sent another beef calf to the butcher, but it will not be cut up and ready for this week's delivery.  We would like to ask you to order some of the other cuts this week to help us use up the previous stock.  We are adjusting prices a bit so the items that sell out are going up a bit and the other items are coming down a bit on price.

Shoots and Sprouts:  Several people expressed that they really liked the preserves we sent a month ago.  In light of this, we are sending preserves again this week and not sending shoots and sprouts.  We do plan to send shoots and sprouts again in the final box at the end of February.   For those picking up at the farm and from the bus, there will be a choice of preserves that you can choose from. 

Squash:  Our squash is nearing the end of its effective storage life so we will be sending at least some of this week's squash cut up in chunks.  You will want to keep it in the fridge and plan on using it up within the next week or two.

Eggs:  We have a new flock of hens starting to lay.  Their first eggs are small so they will be listed for a lower price on our website as Pullet Eggs.  We are also offering a spring egg share delivered to Aura Whole Foods for those who would like to continue to have eggs until the summer.  Just go to the "Sign Up" tab from our website www.strawberryhillfarm.ca and sign up for spring eggs.

Food for Thought:  When you buy directly from a local farmer, you are making a choice to encourage the local economy.  When you buy from a Super Market or chain store, you are making the choice the send the majority of what you spend out of the community and possibly out of Canada all together.    We have been in business for a year ourselves on the farm and one of the most revealing things is how much it costs to run a farm.  We can also say that the majority of that money we spend to run the farm stays locally right here in the neighborhood.  We buy grain from local producers, tractor parts from the local parts stores, building materials from the local hardware store, egg boxes and animal supplies from the local Coop, and the list goes on.  It has been figured that every dollar you pay to a local farmer, will go around the community 7 times.  We all have to eat, so lets support local farmers and in so doing we will build our local economy far more effectively and sustainably then government stimulus bills ever could.  

We will send out a pick up reminder email later this week.