Update from Strawberry Hill Farm


Good Evening,

This is our last delivery week for the winter season!  It is always so encouraging to see all your smiles and cheerful faces when we deliver every other week.  We would like to thank you all for your support and for making this winter season possible.  Although it has gone well over all, we are ready for a short break after which we will refocus on spring transplant production and getting ready for the coming season.

We have a full supply of beef again so feel free to order and stock up on beef, chicken, and eggs etc.  Remember to order enough to hold you over as long as possible into the spring.  We are not planning to do a regular meat order, but if you send us an email we will be glad to fill orders until the spring box starts again.

We also have a deal on a 1/2 side of beef at a price of $4.50 per pound cut and wrapped.  This is a savings of 20% over buying by the individual cut.  There are more details on line for this special.

We plan to send sprouts and pea shoots again this week.  We also found that we have enough top quality squash for some of you to get whole squash.  Some will also get cut up squash as needed to fill the boxes.

Remember to sign up for the spring egg share if you would like.